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Miniball Yr 5-6

Game Time: Start game with a jump ball. 11 minutes halves with running clock

1 minute break between each half

Restart with possession arrow

3 Sec / 5 Sec Rule 3 second rule will apply on the attacking team in the keyhole. 5 seconds is a held ball turnover .
Defence: Compulsory man to man (except inside the key)

Defence team must retreat back to half way after a basket or on an out of bounds

No zone defence allowed

Backcourt: A player in control of the ball in their front court must not cross or stand on the half way line onced over the halfway line.
Scoresheets: Will be on the scorebench on each court.
Score Bench: Personnel are responsible for starting games on time. One adult per team please
Team Fouls: 6 per half. There will be no foul shots, instead one point will be awarded after the 5th team foul to the opposing team and every foul after.  Deliberate fouling or provoking of an opponent by a player will not be tolerated
Timeout: 1 time out per half for 30 seconds only.  No timeouts in the last 2 minutes of the second half
Substitutions: Will be permitted through the referee during an out of bounds or a foul. No subs after a basket and in the last minute of the second half.
Teams: For the safety of the players and the referees please refrain from bouncing balls, running or playing on the side of the courts during the games. Players and spectators are to be seated at all times.


Zero tolerance of physical or verbal abuse to an official/player or spectator
NO Food, drinks or chewing gum are not permitted on court.
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